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Xikar PG Solution 8oz for Humidification

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Xikar PG Solution (propylene glycol) is manufactured to their exact specifications. This pre-mixed solution will keep your humidor at 70% Relative Humidity when used with XIKAR's Crystal Humidifiers to ensure a "humidor fresh" smoke every time. XIKAR PG Solution is an anti-fungal agent and will not plug humidifiers.

Xikar Solution is pre-mixed and ready for use. Use Xikar Solution every time your humidifier needs fluid. You may fill your humidifier directly from this bottle. It's just that simple!
PG Solution:

Use every time solution
Hygroscopic, so humidity is ALWAYS 70%
Anti-Fungal agent
Won't plug humidifiers!

Purity - solution is created with a reverse-osmosis
system, resulting in less then 4 ppm impurities
Mix - it is a perpetual solution, whose mix of PG and
purified water is such that the PG biodegrades at the
same rate as refill of the devices
Watch the crystals... when they shrink to about half their original size, re-charge them with XIKAR's PG Solution.
Never let your humidifier go dry again!
Easy to use, simply unwrap and place the pre-filled humidifier in your humidor
Slow, steady release of constant humidity of 70%
Clear polycarbonate cases house crystal gel saturating 450 times their weight with XIKAR PG solution!
Magnet attachment system holds the unit firmly under the lid of your humidor.

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Xikar PG Solution 8oz for Humidification
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