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Why become a member of Big Humidor?
By signing up to become a member, you can keep up to date with new and exciting developments within the Big Humidor store and community. We like to make sure our members are the first to know about new products, old favorites, and all that falls in between.
You will also be able keep track of all your orders with us, which makes re-stocking your private collection all the easier. You can create and customize your own personal wishlist, for those items you want to keep your eye on.
We enjoy keeping our customers in a happy relationship with us, and find it best to do that by throwing in the cow. Not only do you get great updates, and get to manage all of your own space on Big, but we give our member special access to our "Member's Only" section. This section is full of great deals, discounts, and coupons for our beloved members, because we want to make sure you save BIG.
If you have any questions about membership with us, please feel free to contact us!!
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