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LGC Art de Tab 758 4 pack w Travel Case

SKU: CArtdeTabwTravelCaseCS
Price: $49.95

Sampler of 4 La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Tabaqueros with 4 finger Travel Case cigars [ RIng Size: 58 Length: 7 ] These feature a 1/3 Connecticut wrapper and 2/3 Maduro wrapper...this cigar changes as you smoke it.
The Artesanos de Tabaqueros Four-Finger Travel Cigar Case will debut as a collector's item, for the cigars contained inside and the case itself are only available in this limited offering. Featuring the one-time issuance of the beefy Artesanos de Tabaqueros 758, the four-finger case reiterates the brand's artistry with a supple, patterned, two-tone leather that mimics the cigar itself. Long after the cigars are savored, the case can be used to protect future treasures.

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