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C.A.O. Amazon Basin Extra Anejo Cigars

CAO Amazon Basin Extra Anejo were released in January 2023 and only 5800 boxes are being released in the US market. CAO Amazon Basin Extra Anejo were aged for 2 years before release and feature an aged Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and a blend of filler tobaccos from Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. The Brazilian Braganca tobacco is what gives this cigar its character and this tobacco seedlings are planted in the Amazon soil a full yard apart from each other, resulting in half the yield of typical tobacco crops. Once harvested, the leaves are packed tightly into concentrated logs called carottes where the tobacco undergoes six months of fermentation.

CAO Amazon Basin Extra Anejo Toro LIMIT 1 Per Customer

Box of 18 Cigars [ Ring Size: 52 Length: 6 ] from Nicaragua
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