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Lockdown II 20 Cigar Sampler Promo

This is the Second Promo for La Palina and Oliva, Rocky Patel and Room 101 have joined. For only $125.00 you get 30 Cigars and 10 Prize Pool Tickets for a chance to win from a Pool of $5000 in prizes. additional $5,000 (plus) of amazing prizes for an all new show on July 23rd @ 8:00pm (EST) on CIGARLOCKDOWN.COM.

Don't worry, folks! Your (numbered) green Prize Pool tickets, regardless of the date printed on them, will be valid for this show as well.
Winners will be posted on the site and have until July 28th to claim their prize!
Here is the list of 20 cigars that you receive:
1-Oliva Series V Robusto
1-Oliva Series V Melanio Robusto
1-Oliva Master Blend 3 Robusto
1-Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
1-Oliva Nub Habano 460
1-Rocky Patel 50 Anniversary Robusto
1-Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Robusto
1-Rocky Patel Special Edition
1-Rocky Patel Tavicusa
1-Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve
1-Rocky Patel Royale Robusto
1-Rocky Patel Vint. Sun Grown Robusto
1-Rocky Patel No. 6
1-Rocky Patel Vint 2006 San Andres 1-Rocky Patel Fifty-five Robusto
1-La Palina Silver Label Toro
1-La Palina Red Label Robusto
1-La Palina El Ano Robusto
1-Room 101 Payback Toro
1-Room 101 Payback Gordo

Lockdown II 20 Cigar Sampler

Sampler of 20 Cigars...this is a Super Deal with over $225 worth of Premium Cigars for only $125.00 and the chance to win from a $5000 prize pull!!!