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Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback Cigars

Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback Cigars is a return to the original 2012 Camacho Liberty. Camacho Liberty 2012 is an all Corojo blend utilizing Honduran Corojo wrapper (Qunito Corte 2008), binder (Qunito Corte 2008)and filler tobaccos (Primer Corte, Tercer Corte y Corona 2008). Camacho Liberty 2012 comes in Collector boxes featuring the American Flag and each cigar in its own coffin. The size of the Camacho Liberty 2012 is the original 11/18 size: 6 x 48 x 54 x 48.
Each box has 20 Cigars and only 2000 boxes were released.

Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback with a 3 Pack of Camacho Pre Embargo, Cyclone 3 Flame Torch and 80 Ring Cutter...a $95 value!!!!

Box of 20 Cigars, each in its own coffin [ Ring Size: 48/54/48 Length: 6 ] from Honduras
$379.95 $349.95