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Debonaire Day Break Cigars

Debonaire Day Break Cigars were release late 2017. Debonaire Day Break feature an aged Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, aDominican binder and long filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Phillip S. Zanghi III, owner of Debonaire House, stated while in the factory: "I have always wanted to officially produce one of our ultra premium cigars with a higher quality Connecticut wrapper; not just for the sake of producing a Connecticut, but for the sake of having a lighter wrapper option that is very present in the body and flavor expected from a Debonaire Ultra Premium Cigar. Daybreak is the product of those desires and is the beautiful third-addition to the Debonaire Ultra Premium Cigars lineup. Daybreak allows more smokers to connect our product line and invites more people to find their place within the Debonaire Ideal." Phillip continues: "the box upgrades for Debonaire Ultra Premium Cigars are an exciting addition to this ultra premium line, too! We felt that the cigars warranted a fresh, upgraded idea of packaging; one that is friendlier for the retailer's shelves and better fits the Debonaire Ideal by design: the constant pursuit of bettering overall."

Debonaire Day Break First Degree (Corona)

Box of 20 Cigars [ Ring Size: 44 Length: 4 ] from Dominican Republic