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Camacho American Barrel Aged Cigars

American Barrel-Aged is a monumental smoke that welds the essence of true frontier mettle to Camacho's impenetrable Cuban roots. An experience that shatters all expectations, pushes every limit and paves the way for a life lived out loud.
With the spirit of America and the soul of a craftsman, Camacho American Barrel-Aged celebrates the hardworking grit of Kentucky bourbon makers and the passionate artistry of our master builders. Challenging convention at every turn. Working together to forge an intense smoking experience unlike anything else. A process that begins with the original Corojo plant, aging its legendary leaves for six years and then locking them in charred Kentucky bourbon barrels.

Camacho American Barrel Aged Perfecto Gordo WELL AGED!! DISCONTINUED!!

Box of 20 Cigars [ Ring Size: 50-54 Length: 6 ] from Dominican Republic
$238.95 $209.95