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Cohiba Edicion Diamante Cigars

Cohiba Edicion Diamante Cigars are a limited line of cigars available in 2 sizes. Cohiba Edicion Diamante Cigars feature an aged Cameroon wrapper..1989 crop, Indonesian Binder and a blend of Dominican aged filler long leaf tobacco.
Available in two sizes the Cohiba Edición Diamante Robusto measures 5 by 50 and are individually packaged in wooden coffins and displayed in mahogany boxes. Cohiba Edición Diamante Toro is a 6 by 54 is encased in crystal.

Cohiba Edicion Diamante Robusto

Box of 10 Cigars [ Ring Size: 50 Length: 5 ] from Dominican Republic.
Each cigar in its own wooden coffin

Cohiba Edicion Diamante Toro en Crystal

Box of 10 Cigars [ Ring Size: 54 Length: 6 ] from Dominican Republic.