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50 Brand Name Cigars Extravaganza with Cigar Case & Cutter

50 Brand Name Cigars Extravaganza with Cigar Case & Cutter...this is a super deal we have put together...50 Brand Name Cigars, a $50 Leather Cigar Case and a 80 Ring Bighumidor Cutter for only $149.95!! Here is what you get:
1-CAO Concert Amp
1-CAO Concert Solo
1-CAO Concert Roadie
1-CAO Concert Stage
5-CAO Osa Sol Lot 5
2-Punch Rare Corojo Magnum
2-Punch Magnum EMS
2-Punch Upper Cut Robusto
2-Punch Gran Puro Rancho
2-Partagas Black Robusto
1-Hoyo de Tradition Toro Grande
3-Hoyo Reposado en Cedros Sueno
1-Sancho Panza Double Maduro Lancero
1-Punch Deluxe Robusto
1-Don Tomas Clasico Toro
1-Don Tomas SunGrown Sansone
1-Macanudo Cafe Celebrano
1-Macanudo Gold Celebrano
1-Macanudo Cru Royale Celebrano
1-Macanudo 1968 Celebrano
1-Macanudo Maduro Celebrano
4-LGC Artesanos de Tabaqueros
2-CAO Italia Box Pressed
2-Macanudo 1958 Trompetas
2-CAO Criollo Mancha
1-Partagas Black Classico
1-Partagas Naturales
1-Partagas Rosado San Augustin
2-Saint Luis Rey SLR Natural Robusto
1-Sanit Luis Rey SLR Maduro Robusto
2-Macanudo Cru Royale Robusto

1-Artesanos de Tabaqueros Leather Cigar Case
1-80 Ring Double Cutter....the Cigars retail for over $340 and with the Cigar Case and Cutter...this is a $400 value...all for only $149.95
This is a great time to stock the humidor with cigars at only $3 a stick...all brand name!!!!
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