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Helix Remix Cafe Royale Cigars

Helix Remix Cafe Royale Cigars are a mocha flavored cigar that features a Connecticut Shade wrapper, Helix Remix Café Royale cigars are filled with Dominican Olor and Piloto Cubano tobacco and bound with an Indonesian leaf before undergoing a proprietary process which infuses flavor into the tobacco. The resulting handcrafted cigars are wonderfully mild with delightful undertones of rich coffee.

Helix Remix Cafe Mocha Esplendido Tin (5 Tins) SAVE $20

Brick of 5 tins of 10 Cigarillos [ Ring Size: 32 Length: 4 3/16 ] from Honduras
$69.95 $49.95

Helix Remix Cafe Mocha Petit Corona SAVE $10

Box of 25 Cigars [ Ring Size: 38 Length: 5 ] from Honduras
$69.95 $59.95